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Video mass safeguarding

We record our Sunday 10AM Mass and post them onto our YouTube. You or your child may appear in the video. You are never identified. If you would like to ensure that neither you or your child are in the recording, please fill in the form below. 

Please note: Your face will only appear in the video if they come up to the front of the Church. Examples of this would include:

  • If you or your child reads/speaks at the pulpit of the Church

  • When you or your child comes to collect communion/receive a blessing.

  • If your child tells the Church about activities done in Sunday Club.

  • If you or your child serves.

  • If you sit in the first 3 rows/choir seats then the back/side of your head will appear.

To opt out, fill out this form

This form is sent to our website manager who will blur out faces before uploading to YouTube. 

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