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Worship & Service TImes


8am: Mass (BCP)

9am: Family service (1st Sunday of the month. Click here for more)

10am: Sung Mass


10am: Mass

Feast Days:

As announced: see this week's notice sheet

St John’s has a traditional style of worship centred around the celebration of the Mass (also known as the Eucharist and Holy Communion.  This is the service that the Church has received from Jesus himself and which he has asked us to celebrate in his memory until he comes again (see 1 Corinthians 11.23-26). Like those who founded this church in the 1840s, we emphasise worship in the beauty of holiness and enlivened by the Holy Spirit. In the words, music and ceremonial, we hope to truly encounter the living God. 


8.00am Said Mass

This is celebrated according to the Book of Common Prayer. This service lasts around forty minutes

9.00am (1st Sunday of the month) Family Service

A growing congregation meets for our 09.00am Family Service. This service caters mainly for families with small children. It is fun, but there also wonderful ‘moments’ when many of us are ‘touched’ by that ‘something’ we long for. This service is intentionally quite short – thirty minutes is what we aim for.  There is sometimes a Mass in which our younger members welcome, lead, serve and read, and sometimes also we have a baptism (christening) within the Family Service.

10.00am Sung Mass

This is our main service and uses the modern language of Common Worship. We aim to engage all the senses, with a high quality of music, using our fine organ and choir, as well as incense and traditional ceremonial. This service tends to last around one hour and ten minutes. After this service there are refreshments and fellowship in the  Church Hall next door. 

6.00pm Evening Prayer and Benediction

This is a quiet and reflective service which lasts for around forty minutes.  Evening Prayer consists of psalms and readings.   It is followed by Benediction in which we are given a special blessing by Christ for the week ahead.

Weekday Masses:

Please refer to the information board to see if there are any additional services.

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