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Baptism (also known as ‘Christening’) marks the beginning of a journey of faith, which means following Jesus and becoming a member of the local and worldwide Christian family, the Church.


Since baptism involves making a decision and promises before God, when we baptise an infant, parents and Godparents make those promises on behalf of the child. Godparents will promise to lead the child along the Christian journey of faith, and so it is essential that they are already baptised themselves.


In the case of an adult being baptised these promises are made by the candidate for baptism him/herself, and usually in the context of a Confirmation service.

There is no charge made for baptisms, and we would be delighted if you wish to have your child baptised here. 

If you would like to be baptised yourself, or to have your child baptised, please contact the parish priest.


There is a lot more information about infant baptism on the Church of England website.

Please note that we do not have baptisms during the season of Lent.

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